Rachel M

October 26

Fall asleep

Those late nights where you
toss and turn in your bed ,
You’re mind wide awake
and alone In your head.

If you would close your eyes
And just fall to sleep,
Maybe your thoughts,
wouldn’t cut you so deep.

Instead you reach out,
To pour something more.
What’s next to come
You’re not even sure.

Blurred in your thoughts
You’re not thinking straight.
Each night you drink
It’s another mistake.

Your sadness is real
Your illness is too
I wish there was something
I could do to save you

Your hateful words
Filled with dangerous pride
With each word that you speak
You slip and you slide

Down the puddle of mud
Where you swim in the ground
Eating your dirt
You’ve left laying around

A hole that nobody
Created but you
With thoughts in your head
That aren’t even true

If only you’d see
The sun each day
If you’d close your eyes
At night and just pray

If you’d ask to be lifted
From sad that’s beneath
Pray for hope ,
forgivness and strength .

You’d realize your wise
That your family is true
Toss away the bottle
That seems to fill you

Maybe one day you’ll rise
Do away with the dirt
Forgive what’s the past
Move away from the hurt

What’s twisted but real
What makes us the same
Is often at night
I play this same game

I’m sad over you
I could drink with no end
Though I’ve learned from the dice
When I roll I don’t win

The defeat that it shows
When I wake the next day
Could shatter my life
If I continue to play

When I’m all alone
Just stuck in my head
When I toss and turn
Thinking of you instead
Of just closing my eyes
And falling to sleep.
If I did that I know
It wouldn’t cut me so deep.
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