Priyanshu Sen

June 19 2002

Burn in hell

Death is not where we part.
It’s the betrayal which killed my heart.

Get ready, a storm’s coming in your way.
Buckle your belts coz it’ll turn your life into a sway.

I’ll wage a war against the things you choose,
Prepare to mourn over the things you are going to lose.

You can only run but never try hide,
Start digging your grave to bury your mighty pride.

There will be war, blood and your pain,
You can run till you realize it’s all a vain.

The day when our demons are going to clash,
One will rise from the other’s final ash.

Will ink my pain with your own blood,
Will make you cry till the page overflows with your flood.

Cherish your final days, there’s only a few left.
You will miss those days while on the soil, you crept.

Will make sure you go through the pain for the next seven lives.
Have to bear the cuts and scars by all your sin’s knives.

Mark my words, you will pay, pay in lots.
I will be in your day, night and in your terrified thoughts.

I will also be in your dream, a dreaded nightmare.
I know, I will cheat but still the deeds you did weren’t also fair.

Tit-for-tat, a new lesson which you will learn,
I will sit and enjoy while in pain, you burn.

Feeling hopeless, you will call out to your God and your Devil.
But alas! They never knew the power of the ‘Good-turned-Evil’

On fire, your soul burns, you will hear a dark laugh.
Meanwhile, you will just cry and cry till your heart tears you to half.
You’ll be all alone just the way you came to this stage,
But here, I am your writer, now writing your last page.

Save my place with you in the burning hell.
Remember, for the next seven lives, there won’t be any Farewell.

This is a cycle, continues for the next seven ages.
Save yourself as the world will be ruined by the collection of our rages.

Goodbye my foe, the oil’s waiting for you in the dark down.
And here I am, at the end of my line, still a happy-go-not so lucky clown.
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