Priyanka Rath

November 21, 1985 - India
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Written in stone

Stone lovers under the tree
Stealing shy moments from the world
Arches rained with bouganvillea
Picturesque cliches
Those stones though
In the pillars, in the benches
On the pavement, along the path
Hold witness to so many moments
The group of house wives
unburdening their troubles
Or sharing recipes
That don't make it to walls and timelines
But are committed to minds
And make conversations in gatherings.
The odd couple of friends
Rediscovering time with each other
That kid discovering new leaves
In a dying foliage,
Or the joy of holding a smoothened rock.
Steps going forth and back
Steps unsure and standing still
Solitude, loneliness, discomfiture
Embraces, spoken and held
Spots of meet-cute
Spots of habit
Spots of timelessness
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