Priya Goel

October 02, 2005 - India
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Fabulous Motivator (Ms. Shabina Khan)

Beautiful as the moonlight gleam,
She taught us, to work in a team.
Not only did she teach us English as a subject,
Always took us to an imaginary journey of each object.

She, as a fairy down this earth,
Her stories give a thousand readers birth.
Handwriting like the pearls shining bright,
She can transform a person with her insight.

Her presence makes every heart bloom,
She weaves a thousand smiles in each loom.
So caring, with a heart of gold,
She made a shy, timid girl bold.

A teacher with memories to cherish a lifetime,
Her encouragement made poems arise from my simple rhymes.
Her teachings so wise, never to forget,
The day she became my teacher, a guiding angel I met.
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