Pratik Shaw

May 22,2002 - Kolkata, India

Your Story?

Nah... The story doesn't end now. Some would say it's no use trying, but I would rather like to say that the story's barely begun. This story might seem a little different yet it has the same motive, longing for love. 'We', that is such a great word, that when it is given a thought, it feel like all has been achieved ever since the dawn of mankind . Yet sometimes, it stays as a lonely 'me' , but if reminded, the darkest phase of the night is just before the dawn, when the sun shows it's glory to the Earth with red and orange sparks of light taking the darkness aback and this is how a simple, kind yet curious and adventurous life, changes...
Just think, if you are facing many mishaps, series of disappointments, anxiety, worry, all at the same time and all bad is pressed upon you at once, one would think it to be a melancholic life, but have we considered how great life would be ahead when the box of sadness that life has becomes empty and the treasure of goodness stays filled; life would be forced to open that lovely treasure and all good, all happiness would come upon you, all at once, the future would be no more sad. All life would be joyous, you will get that love you long for, you will be shining brighter than the universe when you take a step on the never ending road of warmth and comfort, reality feeling that it couldn't be any better, God keeping an eye on you always like a hawk, while you stride proudly and humbly in the mountain of honour with your parents, family and the one whom you have been waiting for so long.. My story would continue for a short while and so will theirs but that sunrise is not far when this 'story' will turn into a 'tale' remembered by people at a time when we will become ancient, on another mysterious journey exploring the unfolding time..
Yes, I know, sometimes it feels like you have waited too long, but believe me, my friend, hope is the best thing man has ever been gifted. It keeps the rhythm in you alive, the idea of health fresh, the wish to live going, keeps your prayer full of words and your mind an angel's home. Hold on for a bit longer..
My story always contained that someone and will continue to contain them who still bring light to the places where they walk enlightening every mind that steps to look at the most perfect creation, with every tiny detail, and glace those damned eyes are, just makes me think how I found that person amongst billions, those brushed gaps between the fingers and those set of teeth while they are shown during a wide smile with half-open eyes but still not failing to beat the whole moon. Oh! That view that is so astonishing and heavenly. And you know, that when you cannot put your words into prayers, God listens your heart. What must one do to grab such praised attention towards yourself, to the tiny void of the universe that you occupy, while they being the heart of it. But, I know that some day, my heart will be accepted, the grace of my face regained, the kindness doubled, worry halved, an adventure relived and a life refashioned.

"Under the spreading chestnut tree, I loved you and you loved me"......