Pratik Shaw

May 22,2002 - Kolkata, India


Why is it that whenever a notification pops up, I feel like you have texted, even though I am blocked?
Why is it that whenever I receive a call from an unknown number, silently wish it to be yours even though you do not care to think of me even for a single moment?
Why is it that whenever I go past your house, I look up at it in the hope of catching a glimpse of you?
Why is it that when I am in your neighborhood , search for you all along the path?
Why is it that even after being ignored countless times, I still try one more time despite knowing that you do not consider my worth?
Why is it that I am willing to wait years for you, if it really takes to get your love?
Why is it that those years seem just a nick of time if they are spent waiting for YOU?
Why is it that I keep my own self-respect and wishes aside just so to fulfill yours first?
Why is it that I finished a book which you asked me to which was of 800 pages, within 2 weeks, even though I am not so fond of reading?
Why is it that after you telling me that you like reading, why did I fell in love with reading?
Why is it that I care for you so much and can't stop thinking about you?
Why is it that in spite of there being millions of people in this world, I want to be only with you?
Why is it that on taking up my pen, I start writing poetry on you?
Why is it that I re-read our conversations a thousand times even though I have it all saved it in my heart?
Why is it that I want to keep you immortal in my words so that you can be cherished throughout the ages ?
Why is it that I ignore your mistakes and apologize for it myself, even though not committing it?
Why is it that when you are mad at me, all the universe seems to be dark and void, like there is nothing more left to be seen?
Why is it that you make me feel that there is something worthy to be lived for?
Why is it that when you call me "sweet idiot", I feel myself to be the happiest of all living beings?
Why is it that drops of a precious liquid slowly trickle down my eyes when I think myself not being with you, the whole sky seems despicable, the oceans tend to dry, stars stop twinkling, sun loses its warmth and everything seems pale?
And why is it that when I think of you with myself, I feel like heaven is returning all those lost drops, beautifying the future for the time spent on waiting, roads become endless when I think of your and my hand closed in finger-by-finger while strolling through destiny, your eyes show me the most beautiful creation of God, and how your shoulders will give me support when I feel left out and all alone?
Why is it?