Pratik Shaw

May 22,2002 - Kolkata, India

The Long Gone Days

After such a tiring day at work or school, crossing the noisy roads and the cars whose honking pierce your ears like a sharp edged pin, why not think of the beautiful days that everyone experiences and that once we lived...
Do you remember the time when you got so much attention that everyone wanted to play with you? Do you remember how you were admired for your cuteness and you being called by different names? Do you remember dancing like you didn't care whoever watched you while the sky with its creatures joined you like a feast after victory? Do you remember the utter nonsense your innocence made you speak when you were sitting alone? Do you remember your posture of sleep, the face that you would make while sleeping, and how you would wake up rubbing your eyes and Mummy kissing us on our cheeks to get us ready for the day ahead? Do you remember how everyday after school you came running to your mother, hugging her, your small body could reach only her knees, and telling her that we won't go to school the next day? Do you remember how we used to make self-made cards and give it to your friends and families on different occasions? Do you remember the smile on everybody's body face while enjoying a birthday party? Do you remember how excited you became for a school trip with your close friends, how you would try to sit together with them in the school bus even if your roll number was not near to each other? Do you remember how Papa would make us sit on his shoulders and show us the world?

There are a lot more to remember but if started to be listed out one by one would take a hundred books just for the introduction. These days might seem like a lifetime ago yet we lived them, we did live them once. My basketball which I am holding now reminds me of the hours that I spent playing it and getting so happy on making even a single shot but now it feels too less to get excited worth something two points. Maturity is obviously necessary to do your part the right way in life but the child in you should also grow so that you can relive some of those old moments again and understand that life is not just about gaining materialistic pleasures. Life might not be so easy, but at the same time it is neither so hard as well. There are days worth thinking about, worth giving for to someone who will hold your hand with the same sense of safety and security that once you wanted to have. We get to experience the beautiful days first and the hardships later so that we learn the importance of living life to the fullest even when we do not have the means to do so because there is always a way if you have the will to do so. Childhood is like life where you're strive to be happy, to be free, be kind, be polite and adulthood is like the afterlife where you are sent to watch someone else live their life, their childhood, their beautiful days and adore them like nothing could be better in this world.

Do not let your innocence, childishness, excitement die. Do not let go of the people that matter to you the most, whom you love. The past might be gone but you are still alive. There is no one restricting you other than yourself to do the things you always wanted to do. Obviously, it wouldn't be easy now but that shouldn't stop us from trying.

What we got earlier was Utopia where everyone was in unison and no emotions like hatred, ego, envy rested in anyone's heart. Love was only the four letter word that occupied all the realms of the universe for us as a child. When was the last time you did all the amazing things? Throw a birthday party at home, go out for small trip with your with your old and close friends, donate to a charity event to help the sufferers live a better life, face your fears and eliminate them, get enthusiastic on getting even a small gift that might not be worth much because in the end the thing that would matter would only be memories that will leave the smile on your face that you always wished for, the widest smile, a liberated smile. There is a reason why children are known as the gifts of God. In the end, just remember,

" Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
But today is a gift,
That is why it is called the present."
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