Prathvi Kalathur

February 02,2000-Udupi

My first love

walking through the streets,
moving distant apart
yet,fingers brushing through
call it the ‘perks of wall flower’,
i call it my FIRST LOVE.

Tinglings piercing through heart
butterflies in stomach
the world is schizophenic,
are these the signs of feeling?,
the feeling of love…..

Is love the beauty or the purity?,
dramatically manipulated world
of romance remains unexplained
connecting thoughts,hidenous smirks,
YOU by my side is what i demand.

Feelings expressed,mysteries unveiled
moments memorised,lavish dreams
‘carpe diem’,my soul shouts!
the last step,the step of acceptance
bravery is what it demands!

strong feel with a week will,
the last step never taken
freindship masking pain,
the guilt of one direction remains…
yet forever you’live’ through my heart,
as TIME is ‘all’ that matters!!
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