Prasad Hirsch

June 1, 1987 - India
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art unconventional ..

Modern day art works often queer and vague,

makes people keep guessing on its strange ideas and obscure content, sometimes plain and simple,

sometimes harsh and loud

and at other times even bizzare and boring.

Be it a graphite on paper or a subtle monochrome

or oil on canvas and other art forms

Be it a clay sculpt or a gadget illustration

abstract and vague the content goes

modern and liberal the substance goes.

Bright colors used inside a painting

tend to attract a person’s eye pulling him

inside its pigment’s spread

and alluring him into its varying colors over the canvas

more predominantly than the dull shades. The loud animations behind these artistic rendering

It’s simple outline sometimes of a minimalist

It’s adept craft behind a cubist

Or a eerie allegory of a dali’s

in the postmodern arena

tries to capture the artist’s mind behind the idea

in a subtle sense converging its attributed nuances

over the thought or the idea’s expressions,

In eloquent style and metaphorical connotations,

That you hardly grasp in naked eye.

Expressionism portrays the logic in abstract ideas

in vivid content substantially

while trying to gather

the artist’s mind behind his work

through bright shades of symbolism

and possibly even beyond its contour

of conveying the theme that lies underneath.

Whatever the theme an artist might decide to deliver

he expresses it in a style rather

that lies beneath obscurity

and conveying the notion inside in vague strokes of arcs or curves,

brushing it out in loud pigments

creating a banner that shouts out

the message he wants to deliver

the theme he wants to convey,

more often in colors that are not dim

in high tone while outlining the theme

that are more often again going to lie

beyond a layman’s reach.

Post modern artistry makes an artist feel free,

makes an artist feel he is aboard

the liberal bounds of his own courtyard

to convey his artform to the outside world,

it shouts out loud,

it cries out the pain,

it voices the world

and provides a subtle platform to express

his views and theme,

wherein the creator is left free

in depicting his notions,

be it in a minimalistic sense

or say a surreal portraiture of an artform

and so on.

Unconventional art and Postmodern era have liberalized folks

and their work in a seamless approach

of delivering an artform

and the way we have evolved

in the modern era entails

these platforms as the art medium

for connecting with the world

needs the progressive sync with the people’s mind

and perceptions and the way he conceives an idea

and the people’s attitude these days,

in a augmented sense in its growth.

And more on freeing the artist too

without any constraints in his expressions and ideas,

while trying to convey his elements

behind a logic in a contemporary note and style.
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