Prapti .

18,march,2001 belgaum,Karnataka, India

Yes I bleed

I still remember the day I bled for the first time
Me trembling out of fear even after knowing how it worked
It was not the fear of blood gushing out of my body but the crime
It was the crime that younger me believed
Or rather was made to believe
The curiosity in me didn't let me relate to it
They said I wasn't fit
Fit enough to enter a temple
Fit enough to touch pickle
Fit enough to celebrate any festival
Fit enough to worship
They said I was impure
Me touching anything holy would bring a disaster for sure
I couldn't stop the rise in rage
It just increased along with my age
I couldn't take it anymore
Looking at ladies around me resisting to enter the kitchen during "those days"
And that too in infinite replays
Just added fuel to the fire
I just wanted to burn the mythical pyre

Oh yes I bleed
But not because any of my deed
I was born with it and proud of it
Its presence doesn't make me anything quit
It's not only the pain and endless cramps that make it difficult
But also the stupid and completely senseless cult
It's high time it needs to pause
At last its the reason of our cause
All we need is love and care during our pain
And not that weird stare at our skirts stain
Come on its 2019 where having a uterus doesn't make us any less
Let's just leave behind the beliefs so pointless
I am proud woman who bleed
Whatever be the caste or creed
It's the origin of our future
Let's just embed our brains with this new feature
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