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I am a pilgrim travelling the heavenly way walking through life with Jesus. He is my constant companion and friend
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David and Bathsheba (Part 3)

He who’d killed lions and a giant man
was slain by this beautiful woman.
Her pure loveliness had captured his soul
and now he had to face sins awful toll.

But he schemed and contrived and planned.
Gave no thought to the fact that he’d be damned
when he told the captain of his great army,
“Send Uriah her husband home to me”

Hoping Uriah would bed with his wife
thus saving him from his trouble and strife.
But Uriah, was a man of valour
had slept outside and not with Bathsheba.

So David sent Uriah back to the battle front
carrying his own royal death warrant
“Put him in the thick of the battle, ” it said
“And leave him on his own until he’s dead! ”

.... to be continued
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