Pilgrim Roy

I am a pilgrim travelling the heavenly way walking through life with Jesus. He is my constant companion and friend
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All my days had no colour and looked very grey

All my days had no colour and looked so grey
and I wished that my depression would go away.
Nothing excited me as I went through the motions.
No feeling of joy only such very sad emotions.

Nothing could lift my soul from its awful despair
there was just the darkness and gloom everywhere.
I was lost in the depths of my sorrow and pain
and I wondered if I would know laughter again.

Though the road looked so long and so dark to me
and deep fear and despair was all that I could see.
But I always knew that You would walk with me there
that You would not with Your tender loving care.

Then the day came when colours appeared once more,
Your light came shining through my hearts half open door.
And then my depression began to gradually fade away
as I began to live and enjoy each new dawning day.

Oh the sheer joy of being able to laugh and to sing
Oh the difference that only Jesus Christ can bring.
Now glorious colour radiates throughout each day
As I walk and talk with Jesus along the way.
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