Pilgrim Roy

I am a pilgrim travelling the heavenly way walking through life with Jesus. He is my constant companion and friend
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A kiss from God

"Let us make man in our image, " the angels heard God say
and watched in silence as He fashioned Man from the clay.
Kneeling down God gathered all of the dust into a mound
and like a potter He formed Adam, the man on the ground.

Lovingly knitting all of the atoms together there
He moulded the first Man with such tender loving care.
Then wonder of all wonders the Almighty's lips met his
and that man of clay became a living soul by God's kiss.

The same life giving kiss given to Adam that day
God has extended to the whole of humankind today.
For justice and mercy kissed on that Cross at Calvary
when the Son of God laid down His life for Humanity.
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