Pijush Biswas

July 12, 1988 - Srirampur, Nadia, West Bengal, India
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To One Who Is Undefined

You took me, as a child sucks at his mother's womb
And I search strides in mirror
I search who I'm-
A bear, who flaps it's wooly hands
Or, churns it's saggy face?
A duck, who wallows 'mid clay
Or, trembles asif to stray?
A tiger, whose paws can't be shunned
Or, who is public's deny?

I say, I'm alone
Yet a human child.

You took me second, as a boy who flees
And I search it's transiency, and find-
Yes, I'm transient not in favour
I was transient in attire which did not favour.
I would like a lasting attire
Or, who denied are you
But I did not flee
As I had loyalty.

You took me third, as a man who denies to be a man
And I search it's reason by time to time
And see, I'm alone,
She, who could have not denied me
Told, I was not her own,
I was one who pretended to be a man
But, really, unfit to demand;

I say, I'm alone
Yet, a man who has a mind
Swelling and bloody
Still a man who never denies someone.


[Published in his self-published book "Some Suitable Words", in 2018]
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