Pijush Biswas

July 12, 1988 - Srirampur, Nadia, West Bengal, India
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Naughty Snake

An errant boy came knocking at my door
I was swayed, daunted by a serpent
Relentlessly which wandered by the moor
Or upon my floor many a days spent.

It, as seen transiently was like snake, big
And I shivered daily, loitered here and there.
As it might have come with all it's league
I sought someone and could not bear.

I asked him, 'Can you get me ride off it'
On a day, chill and cool, or of half of the Moon.
He said, 'All is least, if fate does not deceit'
'Well, I will go and back within day soon'.

Next I saw him come back, seeming to say
'All is done, just I have to show it the spade'
And came entering my house just to play
The naughty snake, which far off laid.

And I saw it go as calm as a leaf goes
When gentle breeze blows from the south.
We were staring at it when passes by
And reached where was the trench's mouth.

We saw it fall, as if, dreadless to death
And stood shoutless, as if, to spare the loom
Although, I said him once taking breathe
'You have magical spade which changed my doom'.



[Published in his self-published book "Some Suitable Words", in 2018]
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