Pijush Biswas

July 12, 1988 - Srirampur, Nadia, West Bengal, India
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O attitude, let this put in my head-
Your true judgement; let this fairly appeare
I put out to see, all those bad
And inclined upon those fairly cheer
If I wer'n't, could've not I this led
Attic! This can't be 'er higher than this;
Then, lets see how does it rescue very one
So an incumbent wins his bliss
That another's so called knife become own
But to whom this met, has a lovely kiss
Better, if sound a man sounds in the truth
For, no island level'd under water
Or, if both they deny the worth,
O happier no one, - need to be sheer!
Or this fled he place, is a place uncouth.
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