Phillip Priest

January 24, 1958-Franklin
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Love & Madness

Lower me down

into deep sleep

far beneath dreams that agitate

removed from the

ever-turning world

out of Time

under life

to be oblivious

for a while

in waters to douse

this blue-eyed silken flame

that embraces my heart.

When I rise

I shall awake from you

and throw you off me

with the blankets.

The blinding flames of this heart

consumed my common sense.

Dawned a Day of love


soon exhausted

we slept until evening

and wondered where the day had gone

and what is this shadow


a tear

on the bed

between us.

Cold night

dry bed

no pool of sleep on my pillow

to sink into.

I rise.

Ah, of course-

In pain from a broken rib!

I turn on the light and go outside

I sit thinking of burnt-out Love

Another candle extinguished

leaving me in the dark.

I realise

its as if the world has stopped turning

and the shadows

cast by the light

are firm and flat against the wall

I am in a photograph

at the point of the flash!

I am alone between sunset and sunrise.

In dead of night

the world calls me not to come into it


dead of Love,

no-one calls me to come back inside.

Here by the shore

I see myself drowning,

upon a time

when the sea came loose from its moorings

No matter what solid things

my hand held tight to

no shore could I reach

loosened madness

dragged me further out.

I walked


along streets

of broken glass

I wore an ill-fitting hat

receiving messages.

I was the centre

of the magnetic Conspiracy!

The fabric of reality

was about to tear apart

revealing its terrible truth!

Injections of glue

slowly retied the loosened ropes

and hauled the sea and I

back to shore.

Antiseptic rooms

sent the smell of disinfectant

to my

chemically-cleansed mind.

Leaning by the security door

I stared at the road outside.

It stretched out my fears.

tentatively I walked

a little lop-sided

with a bottle of sanity in my hand

and a bruised mind

leaking darkness.

Sometimes the rain stings

like the needles they

put into my arms.
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