Pavol Janik

1956 / Bratislava

The Theater Of Life

Life which means only the theater -
such life we always wish to play.
If just now you've got a funny thought
change into your clown's suit.
Life sways with us like a pendulum -
it runs from mud into a puddle.
It never is as it used to be
is a truth well-tried from age to age.
Time is like a glass filled to the brim
again and again it runs over.
It ourselves that step on our heels
and we wish to find the person inside us.
There are patches on curtain and the soul...
At the end death gives checkmate.
Yet it's still worth playing the game,
you should be glad that at least you've existed.
Life has found a mirror on the stage -
it comes alive in it every night.
If something has lured into the theater
let's move into ancient times.
Settle into your empty seat,
learn life by heart.
If you yawn during life
then ask for your entrance fee back.

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