Pavol Janik

1956 / Bratislava

An Urgent Poem

Ceaselessly you enter my mind
like an urgent poem
to dispute fixed views on life
and change accepted images of the word.
Unstoppably you come
to electrify
the unshakeable conviction
that a man is a self-sufficient being.
Thus we always live unthinkingly together,
and far from one another
in our two-in-one dream.
Always you enter my mind
when I'm woken from sleep by air raids
of themes, images and pictures of poetry.
And thus I know that everything belongs indivisibly to ourselves
just as we do to each other.
This is the urgent poem,
whose point you force me to keep silent
like a secret,
where there's no place for another
and which can exist completely without words
and other witnesses.

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