Patricia R

July 13, 1983 - California
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One month ago tomorrow

Tomorrow is January 26th and I wish I could rewind back to december
To a day that I will always remember
The day GOD sent me a precious/beautiful treasure
1 of the 4 most happiest days ever
if I could, I'd do it all over again with pleasure
If I could, I'd do it again with pleasure
All these feelings, go way beyond measure
The good and the bad, all mixed together
The happy and the sad, lives inside me forever
At 0556 I'll remember waking up separated from you
I can still feel you move inside me before they put me to slaeep
you inside me I wanted to keep
just maybe at least another 2 weeks
I woke up without you in my womb
Replace with a horrible pain inside
Then the nurse pushed on my stomach, I started to cry
Did she have to do that? Please tell me why?
No wait I'd rather know more about the pain that's inside
Of my heart and my body the most horrible pain in my life
Some comfort came when I hear that my babys alive
and doing okay
1 pound and 5 ounces, december 26th, my babys birthday
Opened the box , memories on display
I wish I had more than a box to remember my baby today
Your tiny little outfit and footprints in a shell
The tiny beanie you wore on your head fit you well
Half way into the box, I catch a smell
Of you, my baby. I want you with me now
The day you were born december twenty six
You weren't due until april, on the 24th
So quickly so suddenly, you were called forth
It seemed when called, you quickly came forth
I'm left with these feelings, I love you I miss you of course
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