Parul V

India, April 5
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True love

Two different lives
Two different worlds
Two different languages
Two Different cultures
Different lifestyle
Different families
Busy, happy, involved in their own lives
Lives that are spinning around what they are supposed to do
How they are supposed to live
What is supposed to make them happy
And then.. the paths cross
Entwining their lives
A thread holding it all together
Mixing it all up
Bringing them together
Making the madness take over the conscious decision making capability
Clouding their ethical thought process
Making them live in today
Keeping them happy together
In those few moments to make memories that last a lifetime
The heat, the fire, the desire
The passion, the connection, the spontaneous reaction
The touch, the warmth, the endless conversation
All that and more
The end goal? Is there an end goal
Whats the end goal to life
Whats the end goal to love
Whats the end goal after attaining what you always wanted
An end to all goals, to all wishes, to all unfulfilled desires.
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