Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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I Wish I Could Turn Back Time

I'm sorry for the hurt I caused,
The pain that lingers, the wounds still raw.
I wish I could turn back time,
And make things right, fix what's not fine.

I know I hurt you, I caused you pain,
And I regret it all, again and again.
My words and actions were thoughtless, I know,
And I am sorry, more than I can show.

I hope you can forgive me, somehow,
And find it in your heart to let go now.
I promise to do better, to be kind and true,
To show you the love and respect you're due.

I'm sorry for my mistakes, my flaws,
And I promise to learn from them, and pause.
I hope one day we can start anew,
And build something beautiful, something true.
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