Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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I See the World With Open Eyes

My heart did beat,
A fortress of stone, with no retreat,
I kept the world at bay with ease,
And let no one come close to me.

But then one day, a crack appeared,
A chink in my armor, to be feared,
A stranger's kindness broke me open,
And all my defenses were broken.

I felt the warmth of human touch,
And love's sweet power was too much,
To hold on to my old ways,
And shut out love for all my days.

Now my heart beats with new life,
And joy and love replace the strife,
I see the world with open eyes,
And embrace the changes, no more lies.

The transformation has been profound,
From cold and heartless, to love unbound,
I'm grateful for the change of heart,
And for love's power that set me apart.

I thought I knew it all,
My beliefs were firm and tall,
I held my views with iron grip,
And judged those who didn't fit.

But then one day, a seed was sown,
A doubt crept in, and I was thrown,
Off-balance by a new idea,
That challenged all I held so dear.

I fought against it, tooth and nail,
Refused to let my old thoughts fail,
But slowly, surely, over time,
I saw the light, and changed my mind.

Now I see the world anew,
With empathy and a wider view,
I understand that different views,
Can both be right, and both be true.

My heart has opened up to learn,
To see the good in each concern,
And though it's hard to change one's ways,
I'm glad I did, and changed my phase.

For now I see the beauty in,
A world that's full of diverse kin,
And though we may not all agree,
We can respect each other, and be free.
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