Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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Health Is a Treasure

Health is a treasure we should all hold dear
For it brings us joy and removes our fear
It is the foundation on which we stand
The key to living life to its fullest, unplanned

It starts with what we eat and how we move
The choices we make determine our groove
Fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein too
Water, sleep, and exercise all help us renew

We must avoid the things that harm our health
Smoking, drinking, and drugs, they all stealth
Into our bodies, causing damage and pain
Leaving us to struggle to regain

Our health is a gift we should not ignore
It's something we must cherish and adore
For with it, we can do anything we please
Live life to the fullest, with ease

So let's make our health a top priority
And work to keep it in good quality
For when we are healthy, we can achieve
Anything we dream, and truly believe.

Health is the treasure we all seek,
It's what makes us strong, both body and physique.
It's the wealth that cannot be bought,
And it's the power that cannot be taught.

A healthy mind, a healthy heart,
A healthy body, a healthy start.
With good health, we can conquer all,
And rise up whenever we fall.

Our body is a temple, a sacred place,
A reflection of our inner grace.
We must nourish it with love and care,
And protect it from any wear and tear.

Exercise, nutrition, and rest,
Are the keys to feeling your best.
Stay active, eat well, and sleep right,
And your health will shine, bright as light.

Prevention is better than cure,
So make healthy habits a part of your lifestyle, for sure.
Take charge of your health, every day,
And live life to the fullest, in every way.

So, let's all take a pledge, today,
To prioritize our health, come what may.
For good health is the greatest wealth,
And it's the foundation of a happy, fulfilling life, in itself.
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