Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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Health, oh precious health,
The foundation of our being,
Without which all our wealth,
Is nothing but an empty feeling.

A treasure beyond measure,
A gift we often take for granted,
But when we lose it altogether,
We realize how much we've squandered.

For health is not just the absence,
Of sickness or disease,
It's a state of complete balance,
Of body, mind, and ease.

It's about eating right and staying fit,
Getting enough rest and sleep,
Taking care of our mental health,
And learning how to keep.

A positive attitude and outlook,
In the face of life's challenges,
Nurturing our relationships,
And finding ways to manage stress.

Health is the key to a happy life,
A journey that never ends,
But with each step, we get closer,
To a life that's worth living, my friends.

So let us cherish our health,
And take care of it every day,
For it's the foundation of our existence,
And the path to a brighter way.
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