Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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Death Came Knocking, Without a Clue

In the land of the dead, where silence reigns,
There lies a poem that no one explains,
A story of sorrow, of grief, and of pain,
A tale that no one ever dares to proclaim.

It speaks of a time when life was once bright,
When love and laughter filled the night,
But then came a moment, a sudden blight,
That took away all that was once right.

The words are etched on a tombstone so bare,
The letters so still, they seem unaware,
Of the tragedy that brought them there,
A reminder of a life that was once fair.

The poem tells of a love so true,
Of a heart that beat for only you,
But fate had other plans in view,
And death came knocking, without a clue.

The words are filled with a mournful tone,
Of a life that now feels so alone,
Of a love that will forever be known,
In the land of the dead, where it has flown.

The poem speaks of a journey so long,
Of a soul that has passed on,
Of a spirit that continues to belong,
In a place where the living are gone.

It's a reminder of our own mortality,
Of the end that awaits us all inevitably,
But it also speaks of the immortality,
Of a love that lives on in eternity.

Always remember the words that were once said,
For they are a testament to the love we've shed,
And a reminder that death is not the end,
It is the beginning of the journey to another dimension.
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