Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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Across the Land

Nature, oh nature, so wondrous and grand,
A tapestry of life, stitched by nature's own hand.
From towering mountains to the depths of the sea,
Nature's beauty and power are clear to see.

The sun rises in a blaze of orange and red,
And sets in a glorious display before bed.
The sky is a canvas of blues, pinks, and golds,
As nature's wonders continue to unfold.

The wind whispers secrets through the trees,
As leaves rustle and dance with the breeze.
Birds chirp and sing in sweet harmony,
Adding their own melody to nature's symphony.

Rivers flow like veins across the land,
A lifeline for all creatures great and small, unplanned.
Forests provide shelter and homes for wildlife,
A true testament to nature's boundless might.

Oh nature, how you inspire and amaze,
A constant source of wonder and praise.
May we cherish and protect your beauty and grace,
For generations to come, in this sacred space.
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