Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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A Woman

A woman is a miracle of life,
A masterpiece, both strong and tender.
Her beauty is a sight to behold,
A grace that words cannot render.

She walks with a regal air,
Her eyes shining like stars above.
Her presence is a soothing balm,
A warmth that fills hearts with love.

She carries within her a world,
Of dreams, of hopes, and of fears.
She nurtures and she protects,
Through laughter and through tears.

A woman is a warrior,
Who fights for her family and her kin.
Her spirit unbreakable,
Her strength a force to reckon with.

In her embrace, one finds solace,
A shelter from life's raging storms.
Her love is a bond unbreakable,
A light that guides and transforms.

So here's to the women of the world,
Whose light shines brighter than the sun.
May we cherish and celebrate them,
For all that they have done.
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