Ololade Raji

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The True Winners

Still astonished by the deceit for vanities
And surprised by the frivolities of assumed fortunes
Fortunes at the price of integrity and the cost of lives
Those who wants it all, may have all but in a twinkle, lose all
For us, we remain forlorn hitherto humble!

With notes of deceit, they bought things and time
Armed with their pernicious game without Your plans
Fervently painting with lacklustre hues, a pseudo picture of an assumed future
Yet with a sordid gloom, they expect a candescent glow
From a treacherous trading of fame for doom!

Why we were asked to play at their table, a wily game, we know not!
Whoever wins a game, he knows not of the rules? Whoever orchestrates with no conductor?
Where is Thy presence? We pleaded...
As we will neither play without You nor sit-to-watch
Yet, with such brash arrogance, ‘in-the-cargo’ they commanded!

Nay! say we trust in the Grandmaster of Fate
One whose rules never change, we will play no game yet win with…
He who wrote the book of success only for those who trust
O’ Lord, haven’t you redefined the true meaning of ‘winning’?
Who wins but those You bestow Your favours?

As these tiny fingers still hold tightly to Your Mighty hands
We soldier on, with no known direction, but knowing You are indeed with us
In this uncertain yet beautiful phoenix voyage
And tread in the darkness, knowing that in Your presence, we know no fear
As those of us who left with You, are indeed the true winners of a game unforetold

Ololade Raji (2019)
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