Ololade Raji

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Lamentations of A Free Inmate

It was indeed a long night, as many tossed and turned in a dreamless void. Yet, for the fifth moon in the year of the virus, I would rather remain locked down

Lest you shed my piteous fate another tear, know my lot in life is a little better than the isolated souls in stealthy battle with death. And of those quarantined only to the tiny quotas for the breath of life, but who would rather trade in such direness for an instant demise

It is any and every soul in this oubliette who has been locked up but with doors ajar. Seers say with the bliss of a century comes agonies in an annual crisis of pains. Yet, mortality in these days of May may be more than those in prior months of His unmerited mercies

Let those who still long for the new decade’s daydreams now appreciate the post-pandemic possibilities of a new norm and...

Let those who eventually live to tell the tale, share with generations the wrath of the minutely unseen, for this dreary night of nightmares is utterly devoid of a wink of deep sleep

Ololade Raji
May 2020
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