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march 26,2000-Nairobi
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fears of life

Fear is real

Anxiety has hijacked my mind and my fingertips
I fear fear
I can’t tell what am really feeling
Cause fear keeps on traumatizing me
Each day is a mystery
Thick tears cascade my belly
Emotions to me are rivals
I think I’ll quit my mental class
I can’t figure what next
Am dominant to what’s up today
Past is hurting
Now is crawling
Future is darkened by thoughts of today
Am guilty
But no chains can hold me
He said yes I can
But how can I can
I’ve walked for many miles dreaming
But nothing figures out in my mind

I mean:
I fear looking
cause what i'll see is disgusting
I fear hearing
cause they speak loud
I fear talking
cause they won't listen
I fear smelling
he just farted
I fear searching
cause they will find first
I fear life itself
I fear trying
cause i'll fail
I fear success
cause somebody will cry
I fear failure
I fear death
I fear vengeance
I fear focus
I fear revenge
I fear figuring out
I fear problems
I fear all I just said
I fear you
I fear I fear the minute
I fear me
I fear what they will say
I fear love
But I think I do is I fear God

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