Nyia Tucker

May 24, 2000 - Wisconsin

Can i...?

can i...
dance with you in the rain?
or watch rain drops dance for us on my window pane?
can i hold you when you cry?
or perhaps cry with you?
can i hold your hand in public?
and have you to myself in private?
can i have a late night conversation with you?
and tell you all the things i've been through?
and when i tell you i'm lonely,
can you love and console me
until i'm whole again.
can we spend the day on the beach,
dancing in the sand?
will you be afraid or embarrassed to hold my hand?
we can watch the waves come and go,
as long as you teach me how to love again.
can you sing to me when i'm sad?
and be there when i'm mad?
never leave my side,
even if i tell you to,
promise it'll always be me and you,
love me unconditionally,
show me that we're meant to be,
the true definition of you and me...
can you?
will you?...
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