Nuzhat Shireen

My country is Pakistan.Date of birth is 30 December 1960
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A woman

Among hateful eyes, I live here
For every woman, I want a fair share
Men are superior, they claim
For showing them the mirror, I am to blame
My life is confined within four walls
I cannot heed my hearts call
My heart does not follow man-made rules
For keeping me silent they have no tools
With chains in my feet, I will run
Spreading my wings with the rising sun
I have spent my whole life here
Now a spark within my heart, I have no fear
No running from the battle, I will not hide
Not ready to give up all my rights
I will win, my weapons are my words
Women are the rising stars of the world
To get women's rights I am fighting a war
Walking barefoot, my destiny isn't far
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