Noah Trist

October 2, 2003 - Melbourne
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5 men and a woman
Sitting around a fire
Distant from civilisation
Night air fills there lungs as they
Sit between a forest and the beach
The small of pine feels strange when mixed with the feeling of sand at their feet

The woman was pretty and short with long hair a
man to her immediate left was tall with a large hunch
Both people having soft skin

The 4 remaining men all similar in nature
Stocky build, buzz cut. But all different heights
conversations consists of work and sports
Whereas the woman and tall man with a hunch talk about the lives independently

A ruckus of there conversations remain load
Until the
big bright moon shines out ,complete and proud
centres its blue light down at them in isolating fashion

All but the woman and the hunched man become utterly silent
Which has a distinct different sound

The 4 men rise and march towards the beach.
Disrobe is what they do before
Beating each other black and blue

knee to the gut and a punch to the face
Yet no violence has occured
These men ,now nothing more than men, act on only instinct.

The forest opens a path of dirt which the 4 men attract towards.
There attention taken from there bonding
Entering the forest without looking back.
the men were swallowed by her gulp
Seemingly forever inside her

There leaves the man with a hunch and the pretty woman,
Sitting alone without direction
Feeling confused and ostracized
Due to the essence of who they are
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