Noah Trist

October 2, 2003 - Melbourne
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Celestial footslog

Beneath the canopy of stars I gaze,
And wonder in the cosmic haze,
What dwells beyond, in boundless space,
Is it a realm of kings or gods' embrace?

Or perhaps a fool's paradise, we seek,
As self-deception's truth grows bleak,
A Fermi paradox, we often speak,
In this cosmic realm, the answers are oblique.

We're drawn to stars, like moths to light,
Yearning for contact in the endless night,
With godlike creatures, out of sight,
A cosmic dance, an eternal plight.

Is it pure curiosity that drives our quest,
Or a reason to live, to be our best,
In a world with pain, we can't arrest,
Our dreams among the stars, we invest.

Yet untouched planets, pristine and fair,
Innocence retained in the cosmic air,
While Earth bears the weight of joy and despair,
In the universe's tapestry, we all have a share.
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