Noah Trist

October 2, 2003 - Melbourne
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Unconventional reflections

In this carnival of hours
Why the chatter my friend
I’m not keen on your tales
Life’s relentless spin I contend

Navigating these social norms
Such a constant, taxing display
I’m no mate of yours
Just trying to get through the day

To silence the chatter, I year
In solitudes embrace, I find
Escape from empty words to discern
A respite for a weary mind

To end the talking
I’ll cut my head off clean
So they can say
“He was always so mean”

Perhaps my body will dance,
Take a closer peek.
The mirror has front row tickets
As I thrash about, or so to speak

But I’m still alive
Despite my eyes looking back at me
It’s my freakish nature
Evident for all to see

A cruel punishment
For a life lived irritated
My sentence as a monster
Has now been Instigated

At least now
I can avoid
Those disgusting fake smiles
They’ve all employed

A punishment
Perhaps not
I’ll live my life free
And free I will rot
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