Nitish Rawat

September 5, 1994 - India

All the stars I have

All the stars I have
Are yours for today
You see them
keep them with you
they are yours
don't give them away

If you want
they will shine upon your sky
on this cloudless night
till dusk to dawn
to the world
as their light is curled to you
only you
would see them true

I want you to know
the faintest light they throw
is all I have for now
but as they see
that sky's different
it's yours where they belong tonight
they will glow bright
and the moon will see
he's not needed anymore
for the light to pour

and if you see one falling
fizzling out
it's your call
to wish for all
that you ever wanted
or see it going down
unwearing its crown
if I were you
I'd see it falling
for the last time
descending into your land
to become a life again
a speck of green
or a tall tree
it will see the new world
closer to you
more than one could be
could ever be
it will be there witnessing you
the star I had
will sink its roots
in your land
under your sky
it will be yours then
even when the night breaks
and you choose to empty your space
as it fell into your abode
others stayed afloat
and you had a choice
to push them away
but this will stay...

it seems small
that's all I wish for
My Star to be Yours
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