Nishat Choudhry

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Song of the Sun

Shining brightly for the world to see her glorious light,
The cold darkness was surely going to creep on her and fight.
Illuminating the world with its burning amber fire,
Not realising its fate, with the unlit would be so dire.
Unknowingly she gracefully sways from east to the west,
Her dress leaves a trail of lilac, pink, red and lemon zest.
Slowly cerulean night-drops creep in from above to drown her,
Clasping her with an embrace whilst she lets the light linger.
Clutching on, she beams hard using all her remaining might,
Fire burns out, leaves the red shell of a once powerful sight.
Ballerinas of waves mourn its passing and dance in vain,
Shushing, the blue tide lulls a lullaby to ease the pain.
The silky, velvet carpet of blue conquers the pure sky,
Masking its maliciousness with innocent stars so high.
The crescent appears from the shadows to reach the throne,
Mesmerising the world with her deceitful dazzling glow.
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