Nichole Lorah

December 22,1993 - Pennsylvania
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A blessing if you will

She came from nowhere, as though she were a ghost. Her aura was as bright as her eyes, as warm as her smile. Her laugh so free as if she was a fall colored leaf. ("Though she wasn't as fragile.") Her voice was nothing I'd heard before. Oh, how I longed to listen to her sing. Her soul so pure it felt as though we'd joined as one.
It felt like home. It felt like forever.
Every moment spent by her side became a dream come true. A wish granted. A blessing if you will, but just like that in the blink of an eye she was gone, as if it'd all been just a dream. Though the pain, so real, so unbearable. The heart shattered as if it had been made of glass, shards flying every which way. Unable to be pieced together again. Though the heart may have shattered, love still runs deep. Giving up hope seemed unreachable and unforgivable. And just like that, as quickly as she came, she were gone even quicker. She's gone for good. Now I have to sit back and pretend like I'm ok, when I'm not. I have to pretend that I'm not falling apart every single day living without my bestfriend. I'm not ok with losing her. I'm not okay missing her. So how do I begin to heal? How do I pick up the pieces of a shattered heart?
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