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Time and Life are passing me by

Time is moving so quickly
I'm falling behind,
I'm working so hard but
My life is passing me by,

My friends are all dating,
And one has got married
Two both have a baby
And a house they are sharing
And I -

I'm working so hard,
There's no time to rest,
I feel so overwhelmed
But I'm doing my best,

But everyone else is sucessful
Their lives are so happy,
I'm trying to keep up
So why is my life still crappy,
And time-

Time is moving so quickly,
Im falling behind,
No matter my efforts
Life just keeps passing me by,

Maybe one day when I'm eighty,
My life will be perfect,
I'll have everything
That I've ever wanted,
But I-

I am working like crazy
Just to survive,
Rent keeps on rising
So impossibly high,

Each day is a struggle,
Just to keep living,
Life just keeps taking and
I keep giving and giving
And Time-

Time is moving so fast,
No falling behind,
Somehow I must keep a grasp,
And enjoy this time,

Cause if I wait till I'm richer,
Till I'm Wiser and older,
Till my all my problems are solved,
Then my life will be over
And time-

Time's not so forgiving
To those who let it pass by.
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