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I'm sinking in this quicksand,
And Im slowly losing ground,
But the more I try to fight it,
The more it drags me down,

I'm standing on the water,
Trying not to look around,
Because if I lose my faith here,
I know that I will drown!

So I'm staring at the Horizon,
Taking a deep breath in and out,
Lest my worries become an anchor,
And I drown in all my doubts.

But the sun will rise, come morning,
And finally I'll see
Yes, I'm in sand but barely sinking,
And the waters not that deep

So if you're standing in quicksand,
And are quickly losing ground,
Take a deep breath and move calmly,
And you'll easily get out.

If you're standing on the water,
Afraid of sinking in the sea,
Stay calm and look around you,
And you'll find the water isn't deep.

The sun will rise, come morning,
I'm getting braver day by day,
Till I'm skipping through the quicksand,
And running on the waves!

This is life, I'm glad I'm in it,
And Im growing braver every day.
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