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New little brother

Mother's there, her eyes are bright,
Papa's beaming by her side,
And in her arms, a bright delight
Baby brother, little bro.

A picture hanging on the wall
Band-Aids plastered after a fall,
Mother's there to cure it all,
And baby brother, little bro

Little brother bouncing on Dad's knees,
Little brother, learning abc's
Little brother's sure to always please,
My baby brother, little bro

Mother says I must forgive
When he always take and doesn't give
Somehow it feels we all must live
For my baby brother, little bro.

There's no room on Mother's lap,
No room to join in Papa's Nap
No extra space, no little gap
For big sister, just baby bro.

I didn't mean to push and shout,
I didn't mean to whine and pout
I shouldn't be jealous about
My baby brother, little bro.

I shouldn't feel left out, it isn't fair
Mother always taught me to share
Is it to much to wish I was there?
Big sister and my baby bro

Baby brother, I shouldn't hate you,
I shouldn't yell, shouldn't berate you,
Shouldn't bully, or irritate you
Baby brother, little bro

Little brother, oh-so-sweet
Always want to play with me,
Growing bigger, still small too me,
Always baby brother, little bro.

Little brother I love so much,
Little hugs and loving touch,
Naively trusting, full of love,
Baby brother, little bro.

Mother says that I'm too greedy,
Papa says don't be so needy,
Sometimes I feel like they don't need me,
Just baby brother, little bro

Mother says because your little
You need attention to grow bigger
And I'm trying not to feel so bitter,
To my baby brother, little bro.

Mother says he's needs more love,
Lots of cuddles when he's young
That he's her baby, her only son-
No big sister, just little bro.

Papa says we'll hang more when
Brother's a growed up gentleman,
But I'll be growed up too, by then.
Growed up sister, little bro.

One day I know, we'll both grow up,
With lots of kisses, hugs and love
But sometimes it doesn't feel enough
No big sister, just little bro.
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