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Live like there's no death

Live like there's no death
Run like theres no tripping
Laugh like there's no crying
Love like there's no heartbreak
Kiss like there's no poison on her lips

Cuz if you die, then you'll die happy,
You'll learn to fly before you trip,
Your crying will be as sincere as your laughter,
You'll love stronger than the pain,
And if she poisons you-
At least you stole a kiss.

I won't live my life afraid to die
I won't refrain from running so I don't trip.
I won't stain my laughs with sorrow,
I won't let heartbreak stop my love,
And if there's poison-
I don't care if it's on her lips.

Live like you'll live forever,
Run like you'll never stop,
Laugh like you'll never stop laughing,
Love like she's the one,
And kiss like poison is honey on her lips.
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