Natalie Kerubino



i don't know what it is, however what could it be?
you just stopped replying to my text randomly..
tell me what it is, don't just ghost on me like the rest
is it because your ex is now back in the picture, that i no longer serve the picture?
could this be your way of saying your mad at me..
or do you just genuinely want nothing to do with me..
these wonders will be persistent for now, till i come to a conclusion
you're a phone call away from an explanation, however my pride runs too deep
to even contact you for an explanation , my loss
i guess i'll just go with the flow, and act like nothings changed from before..
i can't swallow this pride, it happens to be too big, so i won't even bother you..
until you come to me, i can't chase a soul.. its beyond my means and intentions
however, help me come to a realisation of why i'm all of a sudden irrelevant to you.
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