Naomi Lumba

February 26, 2002 - Zambia
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She is not an empty shell

Like a playground does her body move
In twists and turns does it go
Like a vase does her body stand
Like a thousand spotlights does it catch your eye
And like a burning bush will these thoughts take over your brain
You will see her meticulously designed self in your sleep
You shall see the soft rise and fall of her breath
You shall see the richness in her golden brown
Honey-coloured, sun-kissed, chocolate looking skin
Which you will soon develop a dangerous craving for
A craving to travel around her
Feel her, hold her, caress her
But not all of her, no
Just her body as of it was an empty shell
And if that craving crosses the wrong bridge,
It'll find itself in a cold and dark little woods
Where the word love doesn't exist
And lust is all the wind whispers
And once you're in these woods,
You seem to forget the colour of her beautiful brown eyes
THat arouse the sun and twinkle like the midnight stars
And all you'll see is her body as if it was an empty shell
You'll forget how her body dances
Like the flowers in spring
Elegantly swaying from side to side
With the most graceful simplicity
And all you'll see is her body as if it was an empty shell
You won't see the joy
Like the squeals of an overexcited little child in her eyes when she smiles
No, all you'll see is her body as if it was an empty shell
She shall not be to release stress
By you using her to please yourself
She shall not be used as a birthing machine
She shall not be used as a sponge
Used to soak up the imperfections that leak out of you
She shall not be used as your punching bag after a bad day at work
She shall not be sought out for as a product
She shall not be used to add yet another number on your body count list
She shall not be used to attract attention
She shall not be used to clean up your messes and mistakes
She is a blooming flower and a thunderstorm!
She is powerful and ambitious
She is overflowing with potential
She is arising to change a nation
She is destined to bring a change to this slowly dying eath
She is here to love and to be loved
She is here to build, create and invent
To experience and correct
She is benevolent and kind
She is dancing and singing her mind in her own step and tune
She is a soft pillow and a hard rock
She is a home and shelter
She is a friend and lover
She is a hot cup of tea and an ice-cold cider
She is black and she is blue
And if she wanted, she could mimic the colours of the rainbow too
She is happy but she can be sad
She is a woman
Made not to trail behind you
But to walk with you
Hand in hand
And heart in heart
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