Nancy Altraide

April 29, 1997 - Nigeria
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Now you see me

When you look at me
What do you see?
When you come close to me
Who do you think I am?
Do you really see me?
Do you think am the ice princess?
With no heart or emotion

If I were a color
Which color would I be?
Would you say black or red or even grey?
Would you compare me to a ghost?
Who am I to you?
How can you characterize me?
Questions upon questions
Can't seem to find the answers
Now you see me
Now you don't

Puff like magic I become smoke
But you know where to find me
Within the pages of my words
In the collection of my books
Between the lines of my poetry
Inside the emotion of my poem
There you will find me
Now you see me
But you don't.
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