Moses Muchiri

January 29, 2000 Nairobi Kenya
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You love me, I hate you

I'm back in my house
And you're still sitting down
The crimson couch
Has never felt so comfortable
And the room is so cold
The tape on your mouth
Is slowing your breath down
The rope is still tight
The tension becomes so tangible
So unbearable

I'm sorry if I crossed the line
I know I've lost it but
You are always on my mind
Obsessed with you and me
To love is harder than you think

I'm sorry if I raise my voice
I never meant to hurt you but I had no choice
Don't ever lie to me
Because I'm smarter than you think
There's no running away
There's no guilt and no shame
I've crossed the line
Is this the end?
Even if you're afraid
I'll make you mine
Until the end!
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