Moses Muchiri

January 29, 2000 Nairobi Kenya
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Dreaming of your love

Your soul is calling me 
I see the full moon high above
I am closing my eyes
And I'm dreaming of your love
That which I once cherished
That which I've now lost
You're so far away from me 
I am pain and agony
And you think that between us stands my belief 
You're right with this, we're both alone
Tell me - what shall I do?
Forever I am but a peasant's son, but forever I will love you
I look up, see you in Heaven high above 
It hurts to my core
I close my eyes
And lay dreaming of your love
Take me as I am
As I will take you as you are 
The sign of your love, infinity
Waxing up in the dark 
My trial has been without success
But in my dreams, we live as one
And forever as times untimely end shall be
I love you! And to the end I will.
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