Morgan Glover

October 4, 1987 - New Jersey

Surviving Difficulties

No one knows the exact road they should go,
Which is the best path so your life has purpose and flow,
Life is full of lessons that dont easily show,
But you must follow through in order to grow,

Ive learned you may meet a true friend or two,
But you must love yourself because in the end its only you,
The world is full of faces that have all different views,
Stay true to yourself being confident in all that you do,

Life is not easy its not meant to be that way,
As an adult there are times you'll fall and go astray,
Unfortunately sometimes there is a big price to pay,
If you dont overcome hardships the same you will stay,

Its important to remember you are not the only one,
Time will always pass as the hard days will be done,
Now matter how difficult you must pursue and never run,
Because the day will arrive where your happiness you've won.
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