Monica Ellis

San Diego, CA
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Adventure of Poets (feedback please)

The ending starts here and now, right where you are sitting.
You might be reading this aloud, wondering just what you're beginning.
Entwined and bound together with leather,
These pages, these words once simple thoughts
Transferred from my brain to yours, and with my pleasure.
Endless adventures await, some we have sought, and even more
Show me experiences you'd like to explore.

Yes, fun and laughter we shall share!
Let's dress for the occasion
I'm most intrigued by the costume you'll wear,
Perhaps Swiss Family Robinson?

Have you heard the one about the poet?
He lived in his own story and didn't know it
He shared his thoughts with the world,
found himself swept up and unfurled
soon so bare he couldn't show it.

Your gracious love and sacrifice are rare,
yet most accurately, they can only be judged by you.
You have undoubtedly done your fair share.
Selfless and selfish we are; who cannot claim this truth?
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